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Statement Of Faith

Our Mission

The Première Eglise Baptiste Haïtienne de Manhattan (First Haitian Baptist Church of Manhattan) has its mission from God to be the light for its surrounding community. We believe in uplifting the community, bringing them closer to God through fellowship, harvesting for souls, and equipping them for this tough world we call life. We will open community centers, ministries for the children, youth, men, women and elders of this community. All are God’s creations. We thrive to inspire the world to become the children of God.

We provide adoration services to bring the congregation closer to God. We are a congregation that believes that God inspired the Bible. Therefore we teach the word of God as the Bible instructs us to. To minister to their personal needs, we provide ministries to the children, to the youth, to the men and women of the community. We visit the poor, the sick, and those that are in need. We are the light of this community, the light for this world.