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Rev. Emmanuel Anorjuste

Senior Pastor

Rev. Emmanuel AnorjusteReverend Emmanuel Anorjuste graduated with a BS degree in education in Haiti, and became a High School teacher teaching French and Latin for over 15 years. He was then promoted as the Principal of a Christian School in 1978. Reverend Emmanuel emigrated from Haiti in 1982 to the United States to be reunited his wife and my children.

Since his arrival in the United States of America, Reverend Emmanuel actively worked with the pastor and the trustees of The First Haitian Baptist Church of Manhattan. Reverend Emmanuel was elected youth president, board secretary, and board president.

Reverend Emmanuel studied Boyce Bible School (an affiliation of Southern Baptist Seminary) and received his advanced degree in theology from the International Seminar of California. In his role Reverend Emmanuel actively works on improving the spiritual and social lives of the members.